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  • Rooting zone improvement works on mature Yew tree

    07 November 2013

    We were asked by our client to assist in improving the rooting environment of a mature Yew tree. The tree was originally planted within the grounds of an historic Lodge.  However, over the year’s the surrounding land use has changed and the original rooting area has been covered by  a tarmac surface. The appearance of the canopy indicated that the tree was generally suffering, possibly as a result of these difficult growing conditions.

    The first task was to carefully break up the surrounding tarmac and remove the underlying aggregate to expose the natural ground conditions below, whilst retaining the existing root system intact .

    2013-10-28 11.55.45


    Once this material was cleared, we then covered the area with a backfill of nutrient-rich rotted vegetable compost and a top dressing of composted woodchip mulch. Only 50% of the total rooting area was modified during these works. The tree will be monitored over the following few years to see if there are improvements in vitality before extending this treatment  to the remaining rooting area. Hopefully the reduction in the hard surfacing and improvements to the surrounding rooting environment will  enable the tree to recover and flourish.

    2013-10-30 10.21.48

    These works demonstrate that not all tree related problems need solving with a chainsaw!