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  • Recent Storms

    21 December 2013

    2013-12-20 13.00.54


    Due to the strong winds we have recently experienced across our region over the last few weeks, our teams have been very busy urgently attending to damaged, fallen or unsafe trees for our clients. One unfortunate victim of these winds was a mature Oak tree in Ripon estimated to be in excess of 100 years old and formerly part of an historic parkland landscape. The tree had split resulting in the loss of a major portion of the canopy and causing extensive damage to the trunk. This revealed extensive internal decay within the trunk rendering the tree structurally weak. As a consequence, the only option was to fell the tree to ensure safety to users of the site. All the timber will be processed for firewood and sold locally. The canopy was processed into woodchip and retained by the client for use on landscaping projects within their site.