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  • A Tricky Tree Removal….all in a day’s work!

    10 May 2014

    2014-04-23 15.15.08

    Our client in Pateley Bridge instructed us to remove a mature Leyland Cypress from their back garden. The tree had outgrown its’ situation at around 60ft tall and was dominating the surrounding houses whilst overhanging adjacent gardens.  What made this tree particularly challenging was the restrictions on the available working area. The gardens were small, terraced into the steep hill  and planted out with attractive and delicate plants and shrubs below. Understandably the neighbours were concerned about disturbance or damage to their gardens.

    Therefore, the tree had to be dismantled in a safe and controlled manner, with branches and trunk sections lowered carefully using ropes.  At the end of the day, apart from a bit of inevitable saw dust you would hardly known we had worked there – there was no damage to any of the underlying gardens or plants and both the customer and neighbours were really pleased with the result.

    Jobs of this nature are a testament to the skills and consideration of our staff. Particular credit should go to Sam (one of our Arborist’s) for finishing such a tricky job both safely and efficiently – but he did get to enjoy a particularly unique view over Nidderdale from the top of the tree!