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  • Working on Harrogate’s Stray

    11 February 2015


    What a difference a couple of weeks’ make – earlier this week, our team took advantage of a rare opportunity and tried to top up their now (very) faded summer tans as they enjoyed the unseasonally warm winter sunshine working in the pleasant surroundings of The Stray in Harrogate!
    Christ Church on The Stray is surrounded by Harrogate’s renowned Stray and provides a peaceful, open green space in the center of the town. Unfortunately, the necessary removal of a decaying Sycamore from within the church yard interrupted the normal peace and quiet for the day, but the sight of our team removing the tree made for an interesting spectacle for passers-by. Thankfully, the job went smoothly and the peace and quiet has once again been restored.

  • Winter Weather

    04 February 2015

    Despite the recent spell of cold and snowy weather here in the Yorkshire Dales, we are able to stay mobile and keep working thanks to our purpose built Land Rovers! Our on-going investment in vehicles and machinery enables us to provide our clients with an effective service no matter what the weather brings!

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  • Escallonia Leaf Spot

    01 July 2014

    Our services are not limited solely to working with trees, but we also apply our knowledge and skills to horticultural work.
    Our client contacted us as she was concerned about the poor appearance of her Escallonia hedge which formed a boundary screen between her garden and a busy road. We were able to diagnose the condition as Escallonia Leaf Spot – a foliar fungal infection which affects the vigour and appearance of the infected shrub.
    Title: Description:  Relation:

    Although at the present time there is no known preventative cure, we proposed implementing a number of cultural improvements to the immediate growing environment of the hedge which should assist in its’ regeneration and future renovation.
    These works included the selective pruning of the hedge to remove dead leaf and branch material, the removal of congested competing vegetation growing below the hedge and an application of an organic top dress fertiliser and mulch.
    Client statement from the work completion form: “REALLY pleased with the work done – professional, friendly and helpful. Perfect clear up at the end. Thanks Ben.”

  • Director successfully re-confirmed as an Assessor

    15 June 2014


    Director of English Tree Care, Paul Park was recently re-verified as an Assessor for City & Guilds NPTC. The process involves the observation of an active assessment by an external City & Guilds appointed Verifier who ensure all Assessors perform and implement the requirements of the national standards in accordance with the current assessment criteria. In addition, Assessors have to demonstrate their Continued Professional Development to keeping abreast with industry practices and legislation.

    Paul has now been assessing for 14 years and this successful result will enable Paul to continue assessing and awarding the suite of qualifications for a further two years. The range of qualifications are recognised by the HSE, Forestry Commission and other industry partners as the benchmark qualification for all professional arboricultural and forestry operatives.

  • English Tree Care… come highly recommended!

    07 June 2014

    Welburn Hall


    We have recently completed an interesting variety of pruning, felling and stump removal works on behalf of our client at one of their historic sites. Due to the sensitive landscape setting, the surrounding architecture and the current use of the site, the works had to be undertaken both sympathetically and with appropriate regard to the surrounding environment within which we were working. Upon completion of the works, our client undertook an internal audit to assess aspects of our contract delivery. We are pleased to have received the following feedback from them in recognition of our services:

    ‘The school have passed on the following comments: ‘We have had a lot of Tree works over the years and I can honestly say that this company is the most professional, courteous,and obliging we have had on this site. Please thank them for their excellent work while on site and we look forward to working with them in the future.’

    If you have a sensitive site where average service delivery simply isn’t good enough, requiring both a professional and sympathetic approach to undertaking the work, then feel free to contact us. Our teams have the necessary competence, machinery and experience to assist with your requirements.

  • A Tricky Tree Removal….all in a day’s work!

    10 May 2014

    2014-04-23 15.15.08

    Our client in Pateley Bridge instructed us to remove a mature Leyland Cypress from their back garden. The tree had outgrown its’ situation at around 60ft tall and was dominating the surrounding houses whilst overhanging adjacent gardens.  What made this tree particularly challenging was the restrictions on the available working area. The gardens were small, terraced into the steep hill  and planted out with attractive and delicate plants and shrubs below. Understandably the neighbours were concerned about disturbance or damage to their gardens.

    Therefore, the tree had to be dismantled in a safe and controlled manner, with branches and trunk sections lowered carefully using ropes.  At the end of the day, apart from a bit of inevitable saw dust you would hardly known we had worked there – there was no damage to any of the underlying gardens or plants and both the customer and neighbours were really pleased with the result.

    Jobs of this nature are a testament to the skills and consideration of our staff. Particular credit should go to Sam (one of our Arborist’s) for finishing such a tricky job both safely and efficiently – but he did get to enjoy a particularly unique view over Nidderdale from the top of the tree!




  • ….More Storms! and the importance of tree inspections

    18 February 2014

    Further storms resulted in more fallen and damaged trees this month.  Once again, we were busy attending to trees such as this old Damson that had collapsed in a garden in Wetherby.

    Fortunately, nothing was damaged on this occasion. Had the tree been recently assessed, the presence of decay fungus and other symptoms of decline  would have indicated that this tree was structurally weakened and measures undertaken to limit the potential for its’ collapse.

    It’s always sad to lose an old tree when they have occupied the landscape for such a long period of time, however with appropriate replacement planting, a new tree can be established that will  enhance  the garden for many future years. We are able to advise on the suitability of ornamental trees, supply and plant them – just contact us for further details.

    The recent weather events, should act to remind tree owners of their responsibility to have their trees inspected by a suitably qualified Arboriculturist to limit the risks posed to others.  Any defects that are discovered can then be assessed. The frequency of an inspection will depend on the setting of the trees, but annually is advisable.   Please feel free to contact us if you have concerns about trees to see if  we can provide any assistance.

  • Recent Storms

    21 December 2013

    2013-12-20 13.00.54


    Due to the strong winds we have recently experienced across our region over the last few weeks, our teams have been very busy urgently attending to damaged, fallen or unsafe trees for our clients. One unfortunate victim of these winds was a mature Oak tree in Ripon estimated to be in excess of 100 years old and formerly part of an historic parkland landscape. The tree had split resulting in the loss of a major portion of the canopy and causing extensive damage to the trunk. This revealed extensive internal decay within the trunk rendering the tree structurally weak. As a consequence, the only option was to fell the tree to ensure safety to users of the site. All the timber will be processed for firewood and sold locally. The canopy was processed into woodchip and retained by the client for use on landscaping projects within their site.


  • Rooting zone improvement works on mature Yew tree

    07 November 2013

    We were asked by our client to assist in improving the rooting environment of a mature Yew tree. The tree was originally planted within the grounds of an historic Lodge.  However, over the year’s the surrounding land use has changed and the original rooting area has been covered by  a tarmac surface. The appearance of the canopy indicated that the tree was generally suffering, possibly as a result of these difficult growing conditions.

    The first task was to carefully break up the surrounding tarmac and remove the underlying aggregate to expose the natural ground conditions below, whilst retaining the existing root system intact .

    2013-10-28 11.55.45


    Once this material was cleared, we then covered the area with a backfill of nutrient-rich rotted vegetable compost and a top dressing of composted woodchip mulch. Only 50% of the total rooting area was modified during these works. The tree will be monitored over the following few years to see if there are improvements in vitality before extending this treatment  to the remaining rooting area. Hopefully the reduction in the hard surfacing and improvements to the surrounding rooting environment will  enable the tree to recover and flourish.

    2013-10-30 10.21.48

    These works demonstrate that not all tree related problems need solving with a chainsaw!


  • Falling Foss Waterfall Tree Felling

    12 September 2013

    We have just finished a tree felling and pruning contract within the woodlands surrounding Falling Foss Waterfall & Midge Hall Tea Garden at Sneaton Forest, nr Whitby. Some trees had to be pruned to provide access along the track to Midge Hall and due to recent events, other trees had to felled from on the steep bank above the 67ft waterfall to prevent them from uprooting and collapsing across the gardens of Midge Hall  Tea Garden.

    Many thanks to Steph & Jack of Falling Foss Tea Garden for keeping our team well supplied with their superb food and drinks whilst we were there (especially the jam scones). If you haven’t been to Falling Foss, it’s well worth visiting see

    …and apologies for the noise we caused to anyone who was there during that time, but hope you enjoyed the work we did!