We offer a comprehensive and qualified  range of tree, forestry and landscape services including:

Pruning of Trees and Horticultural Pruning of  Ornamental Shrubs

We undertake all aspects of tree and shrub pruning in accordance with the criteria of British Standard 3998 (Tree Work – Recommendations). We will advise on the available options for any given species of tree or shrub depending upon the client requirements and site specific factors. Typical pruning techniques may include: reduction of size, thinning of foliage density, removal of dead, diseased or defective branches, raising of the lower canopy, reshaping to improve general visual appearance and symmetry, formative pruning, storm damage restoration and canopy renovation. We perform the seasonal pruning of ornamental shrubs, fruit trees and climbers. Species specific factors are considered where relevant such as seasonal timing, flowering and fruit production.This encourages attractive, well shaped and healthy plants which provide greater ornamental value, flowering or fruiting displays.

Tree Dismantling, Felling & Shrub Removal We are able to undertake all scope of work ranging from a simple, straightforward shrub removal through to complex, large tree dismantling,  lowering, craning and felling operations within confined or sensitive locations.

Stump Grinding

This process removes unwanted stumps and surface roots. Utilising a number of specialist machines, we can remove stumps down to a below surface depth of around 300mm. The woody material from the stumps is mixed with the surrounding soil during the grinding process to form a biodegradable mulch.

Hedges & Screening

Different species and style of hedging have differing maintenance requirements in terms of their pruning requirements, frequency, seasonal timing and tolerance. We can assist in all aspects of planting, establishing, maintaining, shaping and renovating hedges.

• Specimen Tree & Shrub Planting We can source, supply and plant ornamental or decorative trees & shrubs. We offer an advisory service to assist clients select suitable species for any given location, such as a garden, highway verge, parkland or commercial site. A comprehensive after-care service is available for all newly planted stock to provide the best possible chance of establishment in the early years.

 Woodland & Forestry Planting Schemes We undertake large and small  scale planting to meet a variety of either  amenity or commercial purposes. These include new woodland creation, extending existing woodland, re-stocking, landscape improvement, diversification, shoot cover or shelterbelts for landowner, farmers or estates. We are happy to undertake grant approved or private capital funded schemes.  Post planting maintenance programmes can be implemented which include the control of competitive weeds and grasses around newly planted tree stock through spraying. This not only increases the chances of establishment during the first few years after planting but also improves the appearance of any new planting. We also undertake general grass cutting and strimming around newly planted areas.

Woodland Management & Maintenance Operations We work with woodland owners or their agents to perform all aspects of woodland management. From the creation of management plans detailing work proposals for the short, medium and longer term future, through to undertaking the necessary thinning or felling works. We can implement works to diversify the age class or species composition of the woodland, remove unwanted scrub or invasive species or undertake final felling. We encourage enquiries from smaller woodland owners where a sensitive or low impact approach to the work is required which may be considered too small for conventional timber harvesting contractors. As part of our woodland maintenance services we also provide ride creation, fencing and drainage services.

Pre- Construction Vegetation Removal Our specialist machinery enables us to efficiently and cost effectively clear trees and vegetation to facilitate building projects. All Health and Safety documentation can be supplied to ensure statutory compliances, satisfy contractor selection systems and to protect our client’s interests.

Historic – Veteran – Ancient Trees

The conservation and management of these unique trees requires a specialist understanding of tree biology and sensitivity towards their associated ecosystems. We have experience within this area of arboriculture, having worked extensively upon a specialist project involving a large collection of some of the oldest and arguably  most historically valuable trees within North Yorkshire.